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memoriasperanza's Journal

5 August
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~ From Alberta, Canada
~ Loves to read, watch CSI and Cold Case and babysit.

You are Asuka Langley Soryu, you think you always
have to prove that you are the best, and can
not stand it when you aren't. You hold a
certain degree of contempt for the rest of
humanity, except those for a certain older man.
At heart though you are deeply unstable, you
won't accept help from anyone, and if you fail
depression can ensue. A note for anyone who
tries to mess with you, watch out when this
person starts saying "you were there all
along weren't you momma" cause then you
are so fucked.

Which Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Are You?
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Asuka Langley Soryu. You are loud and bitchy and
believe it or not you DO have a thing for
Shinji you pilot EVA-02

What Neon Genesis: Evangelion teenager would you be?
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You're Allison Reynolds! "the basketcase"
quiet and shy, you stay in the shadows. That is
until you blurt out something random and Wierd.
You're artistic and misunderstood. If only
people would take the time to listen or notice

Which Breakfast Club Character are you?
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You are Allison Reynolds. You're a very mysterious
character. At one moment everyone will be
staring at your crazy antics but in the blink
of an eye you can share intimate dicussions
with people around you. You wear dark clothes
and not afraid to do try someting new. Your
brave in some peoples opinions and in others
your nuts but thats what makes you
"cool". Your my favorite character!
Lucky you.

What character are from the hit 80s movie, The Breakfast club?
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you are alison! she's the freaky sorta gothic girl
that doesn't really have any friends. she is
quiet in the beginning, but reveals herself
after she is comfortable around people.

?Which character r u from the breakfast club??
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You are Allison! The basketcase. Eccentric. A
compulsive liar and a klemptomaniac. Nuff said.

Alison: I'll do anything sexual and I don't need a
million dollars to do it either.
Claire: You're lying.
Alison: I already have. I've done just about
everything there is except a few things that
are illegal. I'm a nymphomaniac.
Claire: Lie.
Brian: Are your parents aware of this?
Alison: The only person I told was my shrink.
Andrew: And what did he do when you told him?
Alison: He nailed me.
Claire: Very nice.

What character from the Breakfast Club are you? (quotes and pics!)
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csi image
CSI: whiz rating
3 out of 3

wow, you
know most of the basics, are you a Miami fan
too?? that premires 2nite!!!!!!!!

I am
a big CSI: fan can you tell??

rate please!!!!!!

CSI: whiz, are you???
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Pic of Sara
You're Sara. Tough chick with a secret vunerable
side that you don't like people to see.

Which CSI are you?
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I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!